Before Closing

Pre-Closing Procedures

At FM Title, we all want closing day to go smoothly, so please review the following to assure all the necessary people will be prepared.

A Few Things Required of You

  • Buyers and sellers must bring proper identification (a valid photo ID) card to closing
  • Buyers must provide approved funding at closing. Cashier’s checks or wired funds are approved forms
  • Inform FM Title before the closing day if anyone in title to the property is deceased
  • Advise FM Title if anyone involved in the transaction is physically or mentally impaired. We want to assure we have made proper arrangements to accommodate everyone
  • If either the buyers or sellers will NOT be at the closing, please advise FM Title prior to closing day. We will do whatever possible to mail or e-mail the necessary documents
  • Please bring current invoices for all miscellaneous debts if a requirement to pay off the debt is a condition of the loan
  • Please fill out and return a Seller Information Letter. This enables FM Title to obtain payoff estimates of any Mortgages or other liens that may have been filed against the property

Seller Info Letter

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