Meet our abstracting team

Meet our abstracting team:

Mali Yahnke, Savannah Lewis, Brandon Pittenger and Brett Erickson! They have over 20 years of experience updating abstracts, so you can be confident the closing process starts out in great hands! One benefit you’ll experience when closing with FM Title is the added flexibility that comes from our in-house abstracting team.  Our experienced, on-site team allows us to have more control over the closing process and move it along at a speed that is right for you. 

You might be wondering how having an on-site abstracting team can speed up your closing, so below is an overview of the process:

  1. When a new closing order is received, the first step in the process is tracking down and creating or updating the abstract.
  2. The abstract needs to be updated.When Mali and Savannah update the abstract, they are researching every document recorded against the property from either day 1 (generally being the land patent from the United States Government to its first private owner), or updating the abstract from the last time it was updated to present day.
      • Every document recorded against the property including, Deeds, Mortgages, Easements, etc. are then placed in summary form in what we can an Abstract.
      • Upon completing the research step, they do a name search to check for any judgments or liens. They also check whether the taxes are paid at this point.
      • Once all of these steps have been completed, the abstract gets put together and any new documents that were found in the process are added to the abstract.
  3. From there, the abstract goes to one of our three lawyers and a title opinion showing the current state of title is drawn up.
  4. The Title Commitment, a document stating the requirements that need to be completed and any exceptions to this policy, is typed up off of the opinion and the process moves to our closing team.

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